Side cabinet inlaid in Boulle style , Franco Monzio Compagnoni

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Franco Monzio Compagnoni

Boulle luxury furniture

Art. B02B

Side cabinet inlaid in Boulle style

Copy of cabinet attributed to André Charles Boulle and his workshop with 24kt gilded bronze mounts. Brass and "shell" inlay. Inlaid in contre partie. The figures of Aspasia and Socrates stand out, surrounded by medallions, the first of which depicts Louis XIV.

  • Width: 98 cm (38 ½ in)
  • Depth: 48 cm (19 in)
  • Height: 110 cm (43 ¼ in)

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Inlay: brass, shell, black bolivar, red bolivar, mahogany interior

Dining room, living room, hall, meeting room, study (office), presidential office, sitting room, smoking room, library


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