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Franco Monzio Compagnoni offers its customers a reasonably-priced design service, including for whole buildings or villas, thanks to the presence of architect Claudio Monzio Compagnoni and his collaborators.
The company, a long-time specialist in classical furniture, also designs contemporary pieces and works with internationally renowned architects to develop luxury furniture which is always practical and comfortable.



In recent years, requests from customers seeking excellent quality for every room in their home have led Franco Monzio Compagnoni to construct kitchens which are “made-to-measure” in the truest sense, because every kitchen is different and fully customized for the customer: one entirely hand-carved, another inset with Boulle-style inlays, another lacquered and decorated. Every kitchen built by Franco Monzio Compagnoni is a unique creation which satisfies the customer's wishes.



Franco Monzio Compagnoni's great passion for restoration was passed down to his children and in particular to architect Claudio, who deals with it personally. This passion means the company is considered among the best in the world for restoration, especially for Boulle-style furniture, which it restores to its original beauty, and for which Franco Monzio Compagnoni is the gold standard. The company also restores prestigious inlaid furniture, such as Italian and French neoclassical, baroque and eclectic pieces, as well as all other kinds of furniture for both private buyers and prestigious locations such as the Grand Hotel et de Milan.



Customers rely on Franco Monzio Compagnoni to replicate masterpieces from the past, which it recreates with the utmost faithfulness. Such replicas exude the same harmony as the masterpieces that inspired them. The production history of every style and every piece of furniture made is studied to ensure it is faithful to the inspiration of the artist who originally created it.



In addition to copies of past pieces, many clients entrust Franco Monzio Compagnoni with the construction of unique pieces in a contemporary style. These customers, while desiring modern furniture made with the latest technical knowledge, look for craftsmanship and manual production, preferring it to the coldness of mechanical methods.



Furnishings made on demand or custom-designed are prepared with the greatest care and diligence. The production and dimensioning of every piece respects the drawings and plans provided by the designer or architect. If there are pre-existing furnishings, the wood and shades of the new components to be integrated are matched with the originals to ensure a harmonious final result.


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