Trumeau bureau with drop leaf in Boulle style, Franco Monzio Compagnoni

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Franco Monzio Compagnoni

Boulle luxury furniture

Art. B37

Trumeau bureau with drop leaf in Boulle style

Trumeau bureau with Boulle-style inlay in brass, "shell", and various woods. Drawers and recesses in both the upper section and benath the leaf. Heraldic crest in the center of the customizable frieze. Decorative elements and handles in 24kt gilded bronze

  • Width: 116 cm (45 ¾ in)
  • Depth: 59 cm (23 ¼ in)
  • Height: 253 cm (99 ½ in)

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Inlay: brass, shell, black bolivar, red bolivar, heraldic coat of arms in the client's choice of woods.

Dining room, living room, hall, meeting room, study (office), presidential office, sitting room, smoking room, library.


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